Special Services in the Tablao de Carmen


We search for the best artists to create the best flamenco show in town. Not only for the Tablao de Carmen but also international tours and private events.


We organize flamenco classes for groups making each class tailored made for each group. There are lots of different styles and rythmes. It's a great way for teambuilding with an extroverted and fun activity. Flamenco workshop: flamenco's basic steps and choreography. 45 min. Palms & Clap workshop: Stylish and subtil to follow the rhythm. 15min.


The Tablao de Carmen is an exceptional venue with great possibilities in a very genuine and intimate ambient. We are located inside the Spanish Village, a unique landmark, safe and enjoyable. We are well-equiped and have 3 different spaces for specific locations. A huge Tablao for large groups, an Andalusian patio for more intimate moments and a barbecue & grill with terrace. For more information please write us at info@tablaodecarmen.com


Give away a unique flamenco experience in Barcelona. Perfect for birthdays and celebrations, for two or more... contact with us and we can arrange it.

The art of flamenco is in constant movement

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What is a flamenco show?

The etymological definition of “spectacle” could differ from what we, from the Tablao de Carmen, consider to be the essence of Flamenco as a manifestation of musical artistry and as a culture.  The word “spectacle” comes from the Latin “spectare”, which means “to see” and “to contemplate”. Furthermore, according to the Spanish Royal Academy, the […]


Flamenco is a live, musical, oral, gestural and social art. When the word “flamenco” is used today, it evokes a dance, the playing of a flamenco guitar, the rhythm of clapping palms and the cry of flamenco voices. Flamenco is a whole musical and expressive universe unequivocally associated with the territory of Southern Spain. There […]



Let’s share an interesting anecdote that happened to Mimo, responsible for the Tablao de Carmen, with some foreign clients who came to the tablao to see the show after making a reservation through their hotel concierge. The artists began with a flamenco “jaleo. When the customers arrived at the table, two seated singers and three […]