The art of flamenco is in constant movement

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Flamenco en Barcelona: el equipo Tablao de Carmen

Who is behind this beautiful flamenco establishment of Barcelona?

The team at The Tablao de Carmen: A group of professionals who are dedicated in body and soul to flamenco. Would you like to know who we are? Look at the photo and we’ll tell you! From left to right: Mimo Agüero, the director of the tablao, “la Jenny” in the red t-shirt, dancer. Standing […]

What are “Villancicos”? Spanish Christmas songs

What are “Villancicos”?

Pero mira cómo beben los peces en el río, Pero mira cómo beben por ver al Dios nacido But look how the fish drink in the river, But look how they drink for seeing the birth of God Christmas is approaching and we wish to discuss one of the most jolly, familiar and emotive musical […]

Why visit the Poble Espanyol?

The Poble Espanyol (Spanish village) could be said to be one of the first theme parks in the world, the Disneyland before Disneyworld, exceeding the North American attraction in city planning, historic and architectural rigour. In fact, Michael Eisner, the president of Walt Disney from 1984 to 2005 confirmed that the Poble Espanyol inspired the […]